TrailTrophy enjoys successful premiere in Harz

Last weekend, for the first time, the TrailTrophy series arrived in Harz. Having been so dry as to be dusty in the days leading up to the competition, come Saturday things got underway in cold, wet conditions. With that the varied trails of St. Andreasberg and Braunlage became a whole lot more interesting, demanding real skill and foresight. Not to mention a huge amount of stamina – the longest stage of the Enduro trail which took place on the Sunday in Braunlage took the fastest riders around six minutes, with the rest of the field taking around eight to nine!

At the end of a total of nine timed stages, Marc Seiffert (Team Harz4/WSV Clausthal-Zellerfeld) came in with the fastest total time. Clocking in at 24:16 minutes, Seiffert headed up the Men’s Masters Class in front of Christian Beeretz (Santa Claus Redheads Syndicate) and Tobias Leunig (Team Harz 4). In the end Marc Seiffert was 21 seconds faster than Tommy Umbreit (Santa Claus Redheads Syndicate), who, as the overall second fastest rider, also won the Men’s Riders class. Second place was shared by Sascha Helmstedt (Old and ugly Racing Team) and Matthias Sutter (Santa Claus Redheads Syndicate).

The women’s results were extremely close but in the end it was Ricky Westphal (Team Crankbrothers) who won the Women’s Pro Class six seconds ahead of Jana Goetze, who won the Women’s Rider Class. Second place in the Women’s Rider Class went to Alena Groth (Hamburg) followed by Melanie Leunig (Team Harz4). Miriam Liebscher (trailtech trailbusters) came in second in the women’s Pro Class, and Claudia Macha (WOMB Gilsridetoo) followed up in third.

The Rider Class team rankings saw a clear victory from the Santa Claus Redheads Syndicate, made up of Tommy Umbreit, Christian Beeretz and Matthias Sutter. The trio had almost a three minute lead over the Old and ugly Racing Team, featuring Sascha Helmstedt, Marvin Tack and Thomas Eichner. Marc Seiffert, Tobias Leunig and Melanie Leunig, AKA Team Harz 4 came in a respectable third.

Victory in the Pro Class team rankings went to Nicola Factory Racing’s Daniel Jahn, Kevin Dewinski and Jens Miller. Coming in a close second were the trailtech trailbusters, made up of Johannes Schilder, Hannes Fröhlich and Cornelius Hoberg, just ahead of Team bike-components, Benjamin Kuckartz, Christoph Schmitt and Thorsten Kammertöns.

Organizer Thomas Schlecking (Bike Projects) also seemed rather happy with TrailTrophy’s Harz premiere: „everything we’ve heard from the participants has been really positive, they really enjoyed the trails and everything that came with it and the variation of the two locations seems to have gone down well too.“


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