TT Latsch 2015: Walder and Thalmann riding best times

Philip Walder secured top spot in the Pro Class, followed by Nathaniel Goiny (The Hive/e*thirteen) and Thomas Schäfer (The Hive/e*thirteen). Urs Stadelmann, who came overall second, won the Masters Class, beating Daniel Vögel (Velothek Kalag 2) and Christian Beeretz (LAST National Team)to the top spot, while Tommy Umbreit, who placed third overall, won the Men’s Rider Class ahead of Simon Weber (Velothek Kalag 1) and Martin Kägi (Velobude).

Stefanie Thalmann (Velobude) was crowned fastest lady, beating out Jana Goetze (Santa Claus Syndicate) and Sarah Wunderlin (SCOTT-Stützrädli). The women’s Pro Class was won by Miriam Liebscher (the trailtech trailbusters), who was followed by Ricky Westphal (Team Crankbrothers) in second and Martina Deisenberger (Endurious Bastards) in third.

The team competition was a long, hard fight but, with a total ride time of 1:32, 16 hours were decided by just a 28 second difference, with the Swiss team “Velothek-Kalag 1” (Urs Stadelmann, Simon Weber/Hans Ueli-Aebischer) taking the win. “Redheads Team & friends” (GER) featuring Tommy Umbreit, Matthias Menzl and Felix Stieber came in second ahead of the Swiss “Velothek Kalag 2” made up of Daniel Vögle, Roland Czuday and André Huser.
The prize for the fastest all female team went to the “Swissgirls” made up of Manuela Stadelmann, Jeanette Mayr and Kathrin Fritschi.

“The Hive/e*thirteen” (Nathaniel Goiny, Thomas Schäfer and Valentin Schorpp) team won the Pro Class ahead of team “Maxx Bike Eldorado” (Simon and Benjamin Notdurfter and Jürgen Holzknecht) and “Alutech Cycles” featuring Alutech boss Jürgen Schlender and his teammates Matthias Neuffer and Daniel Gottschall

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