URGENT: TrailTrophy Latsch 2020 cancelled!

by Admin Thomas (comments: 0)

Dear participants of the TrailTrophy Latsch 2020,
we would have liked to welcome you to a nice Enduro weekend in Latsch as in the last years. But unfortunately we too have to cancel the TrailTrophy due to the situation around the Corona virus. The official regulations and especially the still valid travel restrictions make it impossible to hold the event. We have also considered a postponement, but have decided against it. As the situation is still unclear with regard to the autumn.
You can imagine that the situation is more than difficult for us (like all other organizers). Especially since there is no perspective yet when smaller events can take place again under certain conditions.
We have sent you all an email to handle the refund.
In view of the TrailTrophy events in St. Andreasberg, Breitenbrunn and Bischofsmais, we still have a faint hope that one or the other race can take place (if necessary under conditions). In this respect we hope to see you at one or the other TT!

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