New in the TrailTrophy programme for 2021 is Brandnertal in the beautiful Voralberg. Here, in addition to the best cheese spaetzle in the world, we find a breathtaking alpine panorama that will make you dream.
In addition to these cultural highlights, the perfect infrastructure of the mountain railways and the routes in the bike park await you for an Enduro weekend in a class of its own.

We start in the village of Brand, which, like Bürserberg, lies in the heart of the Rätikon group. The village cable car, the panorama cable car and the Loischkopf cable car in combination make it possible to reach the stages quickly. In the bike park - so far probably better known to downhill fans - the stages offer a lot of variety. Sometimes very flowing, then steep and peppered with technical features. Names like "Tschäckie Tschan" or "Tscharlie Tschäplin" give an idea of the character of the tracks. In addition to the bike park, you can also use your own muscle power to ride the single trails around the Loischkopf with the most beautiful views.

We are already looking forward to the premiere of the TrailTrophy Brandnertal. A new highlight for sure, with long stages for all tastes.


(see schedule for further details)

Friday 09. July 2021
The TrailTrophy Brand starts on Friday with a voluntary course inspection. The compulsory training, which may be arranged for particularly difficult stages, can also be done on Friday. You can pick up your start number between 10 am and 3:30 pm. From 16:00 o'clock there will be the first action at the prologue.

Saturday 10. July 2021
TrailTrophy Brand officially gets underway at 12.00 pm. Even before the start you still have time to do your compulsory training. The first day’s riding at TrailTrophy brings with it around 25 km of trails to overcome. It may not sound like much, but the devil is in the details: 5-6 time trials demanding clean, concentrated riding and plenty of stamina. By the end of the day you’ll have racked up around 750-900 vertical metres after which it’s down to the event site for some beers.

Sunday 11. July 2021
The Day No. 2, essentially the second stage of the TrailTrophy, starts just after 08:30 am for the slowest riders from the previous day. This is followed by a further 5 stages on the Loischkopf, totalling around 18-20 km and about 500-600 vertical metres. Once the last riders cross the finish line the results will be quickly calculated and amazing prizes distributed to the winners (and runners up).


  • Rider limit: 450 places are available on the starting line-up.
  • Registration: Participation possible from 18 years or age group 2003.
  • Ranking-Solo: There will be individual rankings available for every rider with times per single section and a cumulative total ride time.
  • Ranking-DUO: The slowest time of each stage is scored. The total time results from the cumulated stage time. (Define DUO team name when registering!)
  • Starting Order: The starting order for the prologue is decided according to the start numbers assigned. The start on day 2 will be according to the prologue result (slowest riders first).
  • Overall Series Ranking: At the end of the season the best riders of the TrailTrophy series will be honored at the Final. Riders will be awarded points according to where they place at each TrailTrophy with the rider with the highest number of points at the end winning. The same number of points will be awarded for each TrailTrophy.
  • Overall Series Ranking II: There is NO deleted result within the scope of the series ranking. To be considered for the TT overall series ranking you must compete in the TT final!
  • Prizes: Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners - no prize money will be given out.

Rules and regulations

Further information and conditions of participation can be found here (in German and English):

Teilnahmebedingungen TrailTrophy Brand 2021

Rules and regulations of TrailTrophy Brand 2021

Informations about additional insurances

Here you can find the informations about the insurances, offered by our partners Hanse Merkur and Allianz Travel as an option:

Cancellation insurance

Cacellation insurance by Hanse Merkur

Accident insurance

Accident insurance by Allianz Travel




Hier you'll find the actual starting list in alphabetical order.

Starting list


As a rule, the routes of the TrailTrophy are not announced in advance. With a mixture of bike park routes and single trails, there will be something for everyone this weekend in Brand. Long stages at EWS level and trail enjoyment in a class of its own await you.

For particularly demanding stages we will introduce compulsory training, while other stages will not be announced in advance and will therefore be ridden on sight.

Saturday, 10 July 2021:
approx. 30 kilometres and approx. 1600 m altitude difference (approx. 1000 m with lift), probably 5 stages.

Sunday, 11 July 2021:
approx. 20 km and approx. 1300 m altitude difference (of which approx. 800 m with lift), presumably 4 stages

The entry fee for TrailTrophy Brandnertal is Solo: 129,- € (incl. 19% VAT) and 258,- € (incl. 19% VAT).

The following is included in the package:

  • Personal start number
  • Timing at the weekend/all stages
  • Lift transport required for TrailTrophy (race only!) on Saturday and Sunday
  • Race snack on Saturday, 05 June
  • Instant result print out at the end of each session
  • Results list
  • Valuable prizes for first place and others

As participants of the TrailTrophy Brandnertal we recommend overnight stays in the villages of Brand, Bürserberg and Bürs.
Either only over the weekend from Friday 9.07. to Sunday 11.07.2021 or best of all with a vacation extension to explore the beautiful Brandnertal.

The main venue is Brand, the Bikepark Brandnertal is located in Bürserberg. The places are connected by cable car and a trail network and are also only a few minutes away from each other by car. The event area is located near the valley station Dorfbahn in Brand.

The Brandnertal offers suitable accommodation for every wish: from camping sites to private rooms, apartments to 4-star hotels.
Accommodation Search & Book in the entire Brandnertal right here: All accommodations
Accommodations especially geared for bikers can be found here: bike-friendly accommodations


Mühledörfle 40
6708 Brand

Mühledörfle 77
6708 Brand

The following is a (preliminary) schedule for TrailTrophy Brand 2021.
subject to changes and additions

Friday, 09 July 2021

from 8:30 am to 16:00 pm free training and mandatory training
from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm Accreditation given out RACE OFFICE (Mühledörfle 40, 6708 Brand)
from 3:30 pm Start of the TT Brand prologue (mandatory)

Saturday, 10 July 2021

from 7:45 - 8:00 am Accreditation given out RACE OFFICE (only for latecomers!)
10:30 pm Start of Day 1 of TrailTrophy Brand
ca. 1:00 pm Arrival of first riders at the finish
ca. 2:00 pm Start of the last participants

Sunday, 11 July 2021

8:30 am Start of Day 2 of TT Brand starting order according to previous results
ca. 10:45 am Arrival of first riders at the finish
ca. 3:30 pm Victory ceremony and official end of the event