We have been in the Harz mountains with the TrailTrophy since 2015 - and after the very successful 2020 edition, we will be back in Sankt Andreasberg in 2021. So on the first weekend in June there is the opportunity to get in the perfect mood for the 2021 enduro season. About half of the programme consists of trails and stages in the MSB X-Trail Bikepark and half of tracks in the forests around St. Andreasberg. Those who took part last year will know how varied the stages in the park and on the trails outside were. In addition, the routes in the Bikepark MSB X-Trail have been further refined, so that the stages in the park should also have one or two surprises.

Update - postponement

We still have the goal to experience the first TrailTrophy race of the 2021 season with you. However, the pandemic and the unclear perspectives regarding events do not allow a realization of the TrailTrophy in Sankt Andreasberg/Harz on 05th June 2021.


Generally we orient ourselves at the stage plan 2.0 published by the country Lower Saxony on 10th June 21. This gives us for the prospect of the TT St. Andreasberg taking place, if we get into stage 1 (7-day incidence in the LK Goslar <35). According to this, sports events with a hygiene concept and negative test evidence with a maximum of 500 participants are possible. In addition, gastronomy, accommodation and chairlifts should also be open.


With the hope that a stable incidence value below 35 becomes more likely at the end of May/beginning of June, we postpone the TrailTrophy St. Andreasberg to 26/27th June 2021.

However, we can only make a final decision on the implementation with a view to this date also quite short term. At the latest on 11th June 2021 we will decide whether - and under which conditions - the TT St. Andreasberg 2021 can take place.


All registered participants will keep their starting place for the alternative date. Everyone who cannot participate at this date, can deregister with us, at the latest on 09th June 2021, and receives the starting fees back.


Please find here the programme of the first TrailTrophy of the TT-season 2021.

Location/Event-Area: Matthias-Schmidt-Berg 4, 37444 Sankt Andreasberg.


(See schedule for further details)

Saturday, 26th June 2021

On Saturday you can approach the start of the TT season relaxed: The Bikepark MSB X-Trail is of course open, and so you can already have a leisurely look at the trails in the Bikepark. Training on trails outside the Bikepark is expressly forbidden and will be punished with time penalties. The race office will be open from 10:00 to 15:30, and at 16:00 the prologue will determine the starting order for Sunday.

Sunday, 27th June 2021

A long round with six to seven crisp stages awaits the participants of the TT at the start of the season in the Harz Mountains. A good 30 kilometers and 1000 meters of altitude have to be mastered, the six to seven stages offer everything the Enduro heart desires. From liquid-fast sections on narrow switchbacks and turns to rooty paragraphs, everything is there. You can also look forward to several completely new stages! In the afternoon, the winners of the TT Sankt Andreasberg will be honored and can look forward to valuable prizes.

Location/Event-Area: Matthias-Schmidt-Berg 4, 37444 Sankt Andreasberg.


  • Rider limit: 450 places are available on the starting line-up.
  • Registration: Participation possible from 16 years or age group 2005.
  • Ranking-Solo: There will be individual rankings available for every rider with times per single section and a cumulative total ride time.
  • Ranking-DUO: The slowest time of each stage is scored. The total time results from the cumulated stage time. (Define DUO team name when registering!)
  • Starting Order: The starting order for the prologue is decided according to the start numbers assigned. The start on day 2 will be according to the prologue result (slowest riders first).
  • Overall Series Ranking: At the end of the season the best riders of the TrailTrophy series will be honored at the Final. Riders will be awarded points according to where they place at each TrailTrophy with the rider with the highest number of points at the end winning. The same number of points will be awarded for each TrailTrophy.
  • Overall Series Ranking II: There is NO deleted result within the scope of the series ranking. To be considered for the TT overall series ranking you must compete in the TT final!
  • Prizes: Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners - no prize money will be given out.

Rules and regulations

Here you'll find the conditions of partcipation and rules & regulations of TrailTrophy Sankt Andreasberg (in german and english language).

Teilnahmebedingungen TrailTrophy Sankt Andreasberg 2021

Rules and regulations TrailTrophy Sankt Andreasberg 2021



Here you can find the current information about the TrailTrophy Harz (briefing) in German and English as well as the disclaimer (German and English).
Furthermore the special regulations due to the Covdi19 pandemic.

Vorab-Briefing (Deutsch)

Pre-Briefing (English)

Haftungsausschluss (Deutsch)

Declaration of non-liability (English)

Hygienekonzept TrailTrophy St. Andreasberg 2021 (Deutsch)

Hygiene Concept TrailTrophy St. Andreasberg 2021 (English)

Hygienekonzept Alberti-Lift GmbH (Deutsch)



Hier you'll find the actual starting list in alphabetical order.

Starting list


TrailTrophy trails generally won’t be announced before the event. 
At Sankt Andreasberg 2021 we'll have a mix of stages in the bikepark MSB  X-Trail and outside the park. Very roughly you can expect the following track dates:

Sunday, 06 June 2021:
About 35 kilometres and ca. 1100 vertical metres, approx. 6-7 Stages

The entry fee for TrailTrophy Sankt Andreasberg is Solo: 69,- EUR (inkl. VAT) and DUO: 138,- EUR (inkl. VAT).

  • Personal start number
  • Timing at the weekend/all stages
  • All lift transport required for TrailTrophy (race only!)
  • Race snack on Sunday, 27th June
  • Instant result print out at the end of each session
  • Results list
  • Valuable prizes for first place and others

As a TrailTrophy Sankt Andreasberg participant, there are plenty of options for accommodation on the Saturday to Sunday (or longer should you want to arrive early).
Our event venue is right next to the valley station of the Bikepark MSB X-Trail. An in the small town of Sankt Andreasberg you'll find various options for your stay.

For help finding accommodation, get in touch with the local tourist board:

Tourist-Information Sankt Andreasberg
Am Kurpark 9, 37444 Sankt Andreasberg
Tel.: 05582 - 803-3
Fax: 05582 - 803-39
E-Mail: tourist-info(at)sanktandreasberg.de


Here you find the schedule for TT St. Andreasberg (schedule is due to changes and additions).

Saturday 26th June 2021

from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Selected tracks and stages of TrailTrophy Harz open for training
9:30 am to 3:00 pm Accreditation given out at Event Area,
Bikepark MSB X-Trail
3:45 pm Start of prologue (mandatory) of TrailTrophy St. Andreasberg

Sunday 27th June 2021

7-45 - 8:00 am Accreditation given our (only for stragglers), Event-Area;
Bikepark MSB X-Trail
8:15 am Start of TrailTrophy St. Andreasberg
ca. 10:50 am Last rider starts at valley station
ca. 11:00 am First rider arrive at finish
ca. 3:30 pm Victory ceremony and official end of event